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The american institute of chemical engineers

AIChE is the world's leading chemical engineering professional organization, with members spanning 93 countries and a variety of industries and areas of research. The organization provides networking opportunities and access to a wealth of information about the latest techniques in chemical engineering. Undergraduate students are able to join AIChE for free through the ScaleUp initiative in order to get acquainted with the organization at an early age. Learn more and claim your national membership here.

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about the university of Illinois chapter

Founded: Fall, 1927

Purpose and Responsibilities
    • To promote the professional development of its members through its programs and via relations with its own student members, faculty, with other Student Chapters and with the parent body, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
    • Establish a professional standard of conduct and draw its members from those who subscribe to this standard.
    • Provide an organization that promotes the wider recognition of engineering as a profession.
    • Provide forums where its members may meet with their colleagues to discuss mutual interest and problems.
    • Publish a newsletter to create greater awareness of our activities and the chemical engineering profession.

    Chapter Advisor: Dr. Simon Rogers

    Chapter President: Vivek Vermani

    Primary Sponsor: Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    Office Location: 50 Noyes Lab

    Chapter E-mail: illinois.aiche@gmail.com

    Phone: (217) 333-158

    Fax: (217) 244-8068

    Mailing Address:

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    University of Illinois Student Chapter
    Roger Adams Laboratory
    600 South Matthews Ave, Box 44-5 
    Urbana, IL 61801