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R. Linn Belford photo
R. Linn Belford

The EPR Lab, originally known as the Illinois Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Research Center (IERC) was initiated in 1985 and for 18 years was supported in part by the NIH National Center for Research Resources. For about 15 years, the IERC was also the editorial office for the international EPR Newsletter and management office for the International EPR Society (IES). Professor R. Linn Belford started the newsletter and was Founding Editor from 1987 until 2002. He and Rebecca J. Gallivan were honored with a Gold Special Medal for Distinguished Service for their longtime committment to the IES. The newsletter is now based in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich.

IES History

"In 1989, following considerable discussion, including the results of a questionnaire distributed in the EPR Centers Newsletter, a group of about 70 attendees at the 12th International EPR Symposium in Denver, Colorado (July, 1989) voted unanimously to form an International EPR Society. At present, the Society has over 1,000 members world-wide plus the support of corporate affiliates. An entire database of over 3,000 scientists who are involved in EPR research is maintained by Society funds." (IES web site)

Society funding supports the publication of the EPR newsletter four times a year with one issue being a freely available public issue via the EPR Newsletter website.

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Lab
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