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Excerpts from the Chemical Hygiene Plan & Additional Guidance for Contract Workers

Chemical hazards can be found in abundance in any laboratory, though the threat of these hazards can be minimized using proper storage procedures, engineering controls, communication, protective equipment and personal hygiene. The latter three will be of utmost importance to you; as well as knowing emergency procedures in case of an incident.

When in doubt, ASK FOR HELP! Available contacts include the, SCS Safety Coordinator - Chad Stevens (333-6365); lab workers & faculty members in the area; and your supervisor.


Laboratories where hazardous materials or operations are present must follow University of Illinois, UC signage guidelines. Hazard description and contact information are provided.

Protective Equipment Requirements for Working in a Laboratory

Use Good Personal Hygiene.

Guidelines for Emergency Procedures

Guidelines for Emergency Procedures

Report all accidents.

Alarms Available

Fire Alarm - used to notify the fire department and signal occupants to leave the building Panic Buttons - In new RAL only, panic buttons are located inside each laboratory by the light switch. Activate by pressing hard on the red button and deactivate by pulling out on the button. When activated, a bell sounds and light lights in the hallway which signals that help is requested. It does NOT, however, call the fire department or METCAD nor result in evacuation of the building.

Tornado Warning

Seek shelter in the tunnels and RAL basement upon receiving a tornado warning. This warning will be verbally communicated as well as by the community warning siren.

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