High Pressure Laboratory

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Gas System Capabilities

  • One Inert Gas Cylinder Header: Allows for pressure testing equipment and purging before or after a reaction (CGA fitting 580). Nitrogen is included with lab use.
  • Two Combustible Gas cylinder Headers: Allow for high and low pressure cylinders or for mixing two gases (CGA fitting 350). Hydrogen is included with lab use.
  • Gas Compressor with Recycle Loop: Allows for compressing cylinder gas (will compress to a 10:1 ratio). The compressor also allows for unattended gas addition to maintain equipment pressure.
  • Accumulator: One 1750 mL vessel which can be pressurized either directly form cylinders or through the compressor (10,000 psi max.) and can be used as a vessel for mixing gases or as an additional gas source in a closed system.
  • Vacuum Pump: Allows for evacuation of the equipment.
  • Large Autoclave: Can be set up for on-line remote sampling.

Instrument Capabilities
(There are two sets of instruments, one for each of the two cells.)

  • Heater Temperature Controllers: Are programmable with multiple ramp features and have alarms to provide cooling air. Temperature limit controllers provide additional safety. Thermocouples can be chosen either in hearing jackets or inside reaction vessels on the large rocker and stirred autoclaves and can be located where desired in the Precision Scientific tube furnace for more precise temperature control.
  • Strip Chart Recorders: Can record on temperature (ranges 0-100 °C or 0-500 °C) and one pressure (ranges 0-2000 psi or 0-10,000 psi).
  • Digital Pressure Indicators: Digital pressure indicators display equipment pressures to the nearest 1 psia (accuracy is limited by the gauge used for calibration).

Other Lab Provisions

  • One 11’ wide x 30” deep Lab Counter: Includes a sink, 110V ac receptacles, and air, steam, nitrogen, vacuum and water services.
  • One Work Bench: Includes a 4 ½” bench vise, 2 9/16” bomb vise, and a variety of tools.
  • Pressure gauge panel:
  • System of: Tubing, valves, and safety devices which connect the equipment inside the cells
  • Gas cylinder rack: Connections for up to three full size gas cylinders (H2 and N2 maintained available)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
High Pressure Laboratory
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