High Pressure Laboratory

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Cost of Using the Facility

Equipment as set up, compressed nitrogen and hydrogen (provided at no additional cost), utilities and special laboratory supplies such as gaskets, chart paper, and cleaning supplies will be provided by the laboratory budget.  Special equipment, supplies, or cylinder gases which are not included in the normal laboratory inventory must be provided by the user at the user's expense.

The cost of repair or replacement of equipment where the damage is caused by intent or carelessness as judged by the Laboratory Supervisor will be charged to the account listed on the Use Request Form.

The School of Chemical Sciences is responsible for the costs incurred with the upkeep and maintenance of the HP/HL.  To help defer these expenses, each user (research group) is thus charged a setup fee ($20), an equipment use fee ($4/hr), and when needed, a fee for the Laboratory Supervisor’s time and help ($10/hr).  The setup and equipment use charges are to help pay for the cost incurred with running the experiment.  The cost for the Laboratory Supervisor’s time and help are to recharge the department for his time spent in the lab and also to encourage the research group to have a group member trained to help anyone in his group.  When the trained group member assists, thus freeing the Laboratory Supervisor to carry out other responsibilities, the research group will save this $10/hr fee.  (See Group Expert Position Description to find out more about becoming a group expert for the HP/HL.)

Note:  The work areas/equipment used must be cleaned after use.  Repair of replacement of damaged equipment caused by misuse or neglect is independent of run charges and will be charged to the user’s account.

When equipment is borrowed for use outside the HP/HL, the Loan Equipment Form must be filled out and there will be a charge of $5/day for each piece of equipment borrowed.

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