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Use of the Temperature Controller for the Small Cell

The temperature controller on the left controls the process temperature, while the temperature controller on the right controls the overtemperature in the event that the first controller fails. Set the temperature by pressing the up or down buttons on either controller. The right hand temperature controller should be set at least 50 degrees higher than the left one to prevent inadvertent shutdown.

To start heating, both controllers must be set to run. Using the scroll button (second from the left), scroll through the choices until you see a "run" or a "hold". Use the up or down button to change to run, then push "return" (far left button.) Scroll through the choices until the process value appears.

The unit will not yet heat until the run button on the upper right of the panel is pushed. This sets the relays in the on position. After a pause, the increase in temperature should be evident. To kill the heater power, push the stop button. When the process is complete, push the stop button and reset both controllers to "hold".

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