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Visa Costs

H-1 Employer Costs

  • $750 ISSS processing fee
  • $460 DHS filing fee
  • $500 DHS Anti -Fraud Fee (waived if only extending)
  • $1225 DHS Premium Processing (optional)

H-1 Employee Costs

  • Can pay premium processing fee if salary is $1225 above prevailing wage

J-1 Employer Costs

  • $150 ISSS processing fee for an initial J1 visa
  • $100 for J1 extensions

J-1 Employee costs

  • $180 for a new J-1's SEVIS fee
  • N/A for extenstions
  • N/A for transfers
  • $300 as SEVIS fee if requesting change of status to J-1

The School of Chemical Sciences may pick up half of the employer fees. Employer costs must be paid on a non-federal cfop.

Employees are required to pay applicable SEVIS fees to make an appointment at USA consulates and Embassy's abroad.

All visa types require the employee to pay applicable "change of status" fees.

Check with SCS HR for more information.

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