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Postdoctoral Research Associate Hiring

Postdoctoral Research Associates can be hired for a maximum of five years and need to have received their doctorate within the last five years of accepting the offer. Offer letter, CV, three letters of reference and degree confirmation must be provided to SCS HR in addition to a funding source. If the funding will be on a state account, please check with SCS HR as additional documentation may be needed. Degree confirmation can be a copy of the diploma or a letter from an advisor noting all requirements for the degree confirmation have been satisfied. If there are any potential visa needs, please notify our office immediately.

Postdoctoral Fellows are similar to PDRAs, other than they receive funding from a fellowship and are not expected to perform services for the University. If an additional monetary supplement is desired to bring the employee to the average salary level of a postdoc, a PDRA may be added at an appropriate FTE and work may be performed for the University at a level appropriate to the FTE.

Postdoc appointments can be extended through

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