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Compound Collections

384-well plate photoThe HTSF compound collection currently consists of ~180,000 compounds from several libraries and all formated into 384-well plates.

A summary of the collection is found below. For more information about the specific libraries please see left navigation. The files are .rar format and can be uppacked using

Unarchiver - unpacker program for Mac OS X
7-Zip - unpacker program for Windows

Library Number of Compounds Download compounds structural information (.rar)
Chembridge MicroFormat Library 150,000 SDFile icon for Chembridge MicroFormat Library SDFile
HTSF Library ~4,700, and increasing SDFile icon for HTSF Library SDFile
Marvel Library ~10,000 SDFile icon for Marvel Library SDFile
National Cancer Institute Library
Open Set ~8,000 SDFile icon NCI Open Set SDFile
Diversity ~2,000 SDFile icon for NCI Diversity SDFile
Natural Products and Challenge Set ~300 SDFile icon for NCI Natural Products and Challenge Set

High-throughput Screening Facility
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