High-throughput Screening Facility (HTSF)

School Affiliated departments and LAS

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Cost of Services

Service*State of Illinois
University Users
External Users
150,000 Cambridge Compound Library Use** $2200 $4400
26,000 Marvel, HTSF, NCI Compound Library Use** $200 $400
1 mM Cherry-picking*** (/uL) $0.1 $0.2
Labor (/hr) $17 $56
Liquid Handler Platemate Plus (/hr) $26 $52
Liquid Handler in BSC Wellmate (/hr) $16 $32
Multi-mode Plate Reader Analyst HR (/hr) $16 $32
Absorbance Plate Reader SpectraMax (/hr) $16 $32
Plate Sealing (/plate) $1 $2
Plate Washer (/hr) $26 $52
Pin Transfer Tool Use $50 $100
Cell Culture Space Rental (/month) $50 $200
Centrifuge (/hr) $16 $32
ChemSpeed SL TII (/hr) To be determined To be determined

*Minimum charge of all instruments and labor is 0.5 hr. Minimum charge of plate sealing is 10 plates.

** Charge will be prorated if partial library is used. Additional charge will apply if more than 1 uL 10 mM or 5 uL 1 mM stock is used.

*** Cherry-picking limited to less than 4 uL 1 mM for each compound. For more compound resupply, purchase from Chembridge or request from NCI. For HTSF and Marvel library, 10 mM cherry-picking is allowed when supply available, but re-supply of undissolved compound not guaranteed.

High-throughput Screening Facility
University of Illinois
School of Chemical Sciences
361 Noyes Lab
MC-712 Box 3-1
505 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL  61801
Dr. Chen Zhang, Director
Tel: (217) 244-4198

czhang8 [at] illinois [dot] edu
Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday

scs_web [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu