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Major Named Lectures

Spring 2017

February 10 G.F. Smith Memorial Lecture
February 28 Sylvia M. Stoesser Lectures in Chemistry
March 20-21 John C. Bailar, Jr. Lectures
April 12 Physics Colloquium in Honor of Klaus Schulten
April 15 Nelson Leonard Centennial Symposium
April 18 Charles David Keeling Lecture
April 18 Suslick-Sessler Lecture in Materials Science
May 5 Flygare Memorial Lecture

SCS Major Named Lectures and Symposia calendar (scheduled lectures)

Fall 2017

September 15 Herbert Carter Lectures in Biochemistry
September 18-19 Carl Shipp Marvel Lectures in Organic Chemistry
October 9-10 R. C. Fuson Visiting Professor Lectures
December 7 Kenneth L. Rinehart Lecture in Chemical Biology

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