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Waters GCT Premier EI/CI/FD/FI

(Acquired in 2012)

Waters GCT Premier
The GCT Premier™ benchtop orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (oa-TOF) mass spectrometer delivers high sensitivity, resolution, and exact mass measurements for GC/MS applications. Its fast data acquisition rates and automated workflow features match the requirements for MS detection when coupled to high-resolution capillary GC. A variety of GC inlet, ion source and software options makes the GCT Premier a versatile choice for a range of analytical challenges, from identifying contaminants in food and environmental samples to metabolomic studies.


  • High MS resolution for the selectivity needed to separate analyte spectra from isobaric interferences and background chemical noise
  • High sensitivity for achieving very low detection limits
  • High linear dynamic range, which allows experiments to be carried out across a range of concentration levels
  • Exact mass MS measurements, which give elemental composition information that can be used to identify analyte compounds; you can obtain exact mass measurements on both molecular and fragment ions, simplifying the process of spectrum interpretation
  • Versatile ionization options that apply to a range of compound classes, including support for both direct insertion probe and GC analyses
  • Versatile software options for a variety of applications

The GCT Premier is the primary instrument for:

  • GCMS (LR and HR EI; positive mode LR and HR CI; negative mode LR and HR CI and LRFI)
  • GCMS with headspace injection and SPME
  • Direct insert probe FD, FI and LIFDI
  • Direct insert probe EI (LR and HR), CI (LR and HR in both positive and negative mode)
  • Direct insert probe desorption chemical ionization (DCI).

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