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Open Access User Training

The Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI^*, Bruker Autoflex MALDI^, Quattro Ultima ESI^, and ZMD ESI^ are available for Open Access after training.

In order to use the Open Access instruments, you must fill out the Authorization Form and your advisor’s signature is required. The form may be filled out electronically except for the signatures, then printed. You can be trained by one of the trained users in your group or Furong Sun if there is no trained user in your research group. After you are trained and the Authorization Form is completed you should schedule an appointment with Furong Sun (frs [at] illinois [dot] edu, 3-2545) for the Check Out.  You will also need to register for ChemFOM and request access to the instrument on the day that you are scheduled to check out.

Check Out for the Brukers, ZMD or Quattro Ultima will take about 1-4 hours and you will be charged by the number of hours.

^  You must use the instrument often and have enough samples to analyze after you become a self-service user.  We may not run your samples if you are a self-service user or your access to the instrument will be terminated if you prefer to not to run the samples yourself. 

*  You must purchase a MALDI target and calibration standard if you want to be a self-service service user for the Bruker MALDI instruments. 

Guidelines for Using the Bruker MALDI Instrument

Matrix and Additives

You will need to consult with the Furong Sun if you want use a matrix that is not in the list.

More Guidelines

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