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photo of Kiran Subedi
Kiran Subedi, PhD
Facility Supervisor
ksube001 [at] illinois [dot] edu
(217) 333-3095
The Microanalysis Laboratory, staffed by three full-time analysts, performs elemental and thermal analysis for a wide range of clients.

Customers may drop off samples and paperwork inside the lab, or after hours, in the drop-off location provided just outside the lab.

The Microanalysis laboratory currently offers an online submission program. This can be found under the Sample Submission Section. Once the customer has submitted their samples online, customers are asked to check samples in when they bring their samples to the Microanalysis Laboratory for analysis.

Turn around time for CHN analysis will typically be 24 hours provided samples are received by the CHN analyst by 10:00 am that business day. Samples received after 10:00 am will be analyzed on the next business day's run. This will also be dependent on the status of the previous day's run and the status of the instrument for that day.

photo of Elizabeth Eves
Elizabeth Eves
Research Specialist in Chemistry
bleves [at] illinois [dot] edu
(217) 244-0496
Crislyn Lu photo
Crislyn Lu
Research Specialist in Chemistry
calu [at] illinois [dot] edu
(217) 300-4881

Microanalysis Laboratory
47 Noyes Laboratory
MC-712 Box 36-1
505 South Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801
Kiran Subedi, PhD
Facility Supervisor

micro [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
tel: (217) 333-3095
8:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

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