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Instruments and Techniques

Halide Determination

I: Compounds with iodine are titrated to determine the halide concentration. The titration is done manually to a color end point (true pink). The analyst then calculates the % halide in the sample. This method cannot distinguish between Cl, Br, or I and only determines total halide concentration. Highly colored compounds can be difficult to work with as they obscure the end point and make the determination, if possible, less precise.

Cl, Br, and F: Compounds with chlorine, bromine and fluorine are analyzed by use of an ion-specific electrode. The electrode is calibrated to detect fluorine levels in ppm, which are then reported in % halide for the compound.

Instruments Used

  • Thermo Scientific *Orin* Ion Selective Electrodes
    • Bromide Combination Probe
    • Chlorine Combination Probe
    • Fluoride Combination Probe
  • Titration
    • Kolbenburette/Piston Bierette/Metrohm Ag Heresau
  • Fisher Scientific Accumet pH/Ion meter 25

Microanalysis Laboratory
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