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Unstable or Air-Sensitive Samples

Some samples may remain at room temperature as submitted for 0.5 to 24 hours before an analysis is started. If your sample is unstable there are several steps that can be taken to avoid agony in the results. (SEE SPECIAL NOTE below)
  1. Submit sample in air-sensitive double vialed capsule. (Sn for CHN; Al for METAL /HALIDE, unless the metal is Al, then use Sn capsule) Once the capsule is taken out of the vial, it is only protected as well as the seal made on the capsule. Make sure capsule is sealed and folded over.
  2. Leave sample in desiccator or freezer. Enter on the online submission form where sample is located.
  3. Submit sample vial inside a larger vial that is partially filled with Drierite and has wool keeping any possible specs of Drierite away from sample vial.
  4. For extremely sensitive samples,make an appointment for drop off of sample for processing immediately.
Special note for air sensitive capsules
To use air-sensitve bottles, take the appropriate one from the shelf located just inside the lab. Fill the capsule and crimp it in your dry box. After crimping gently place a fold in the crimped section to form a good seal. Reseal in both vials. Drop off bottle in vacuum desiccator and write down bottle letter and/or number on submission record card. There are a limited number of bottles for air-sensitve samples. Be considerate of your fellow researchers and take a bottle only if you are going to be submitting a sample in the next couple of days. If a bottle gets broken, please bring back the remains and let us know which bottle and if the capsule has been contaminated.

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