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photo Varian Unity Inova 300

(Located in 55 NL) 1H Freq: 300 MHz (7.05 Tesla)

A three channel, multinuclear solution and solids Varian Unity Inova NMR instrument. This spectrometer has mainly been used for solid-state NMR experiments for the last few years.

Available probes for solids:

  • 4mm Chemagnetics HX APEX probe (X = 31P-15N) – default probe
  • 7mm GE HX probe (X = 31P-29Si and 29Si-15N)

Available probes for solutions:

  • 5mm Varian 1H/X probe, X=31P-15N
  • 10mm GE 15N-31P Broadband probe
  • 20mm GE 17O-73Ge Broadband probe
  • 20mm GE 183W{X} probe

General Specifications:

  • Homonuclear and heteronuclear decoupling

Host Computer:

  • Dell Precision T3500
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • VNMRJ 2.2D

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