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Guidelines for Using the Solid-State UI300WB, VNS500, and VNS750NB Spectrometers

  1. If you are a newcomer to NMR at Illinois, you must go through Basic NMR training. See the staff in 146 RAL to get started
  2. If you are late for your scheduled time, you must notify Dr. Sutrisno at least 1 hour in advance with his personal verbal or written confirmation. Otherwise, you can be only 10 minutes late before your reservation is:
    1. Deleted (for 1 day reservations only) or,
    2. You are billed for an additional 2 hours, plus the time you use the spectrometer(s).
  3. Depending on the experiments and plan of use for these spectrometers, solids NMR training may be required. Training on these spectrometers is on a per-person basis and independent use of the spectrometers is to be determined by NMR staff.
  4. Solid-State NMR training will continue at user expense until the trainer feels you are competent enough to safely and effectively obtain NMR spectra by yourself.
  5. Clean rotors with ALL of their parts will be given to you before your scheduled time; therefore, clean rotors with ALL of their parts are to be returned after your scheduled time.

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