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SCS Administrative Offices

(pdf version - includes a greater number of staff members, mailroom box numbers, but little e-mail information)

Administrative Offices Person Address phone number
(area code: 217)
Director Jonathan Sweedler
jsweedle [at] illinois [dot] edu
106 NL 333-5070
Secretary Cheryl Kappes
dambache [at] illinois [dot] edu
106 NL 333-5070
Operations Ken Wooldridge
ckwooldr [at] illinois [dot] edu
106 NL 333-1238
Assistant Director of Development (ChBE) Braden Shain
bshain [at] illinois [dot] edu
105 S. Gregory St., Rm 101, U 300-9993
Assistant Director of Development (Chemistry) Joe Madden
jsmadden [at] illinois [dot] edu
105 S. Gregory St., Rm 101, U 300-4554
Office Support Specialist Cindy Kempke
kempke [at] illinois [dot] edu
105 S. Gregory St., Rm 101, U 300-8575
Business Office, Associate Director of Business & Financial Operations Mary Smith
msmith82 [at] illinois [dot] edu
340 NL 333-6298
Career Counseling and Placement Services, Academic Advising
Director Patricia Simpson
plblum [at] illinois [dot] edu
105 NL 333-1050
Administrative Aide Gayle Nelsen
gln [at] illinois [dot] edu
105 NL 333-1051
Advisor Wolali Dedo
wdedo [at] illinois [dot] edu
110B NL 244-8531
Advisor Kimberly Powers
powerska [at] illinois [dot] edu
110C NL 244-0263
Advisor Todd Spinner
spinner [at] illinois [dot] edu
110A NL 244-6605
Facilities & Safety, Director Chad Stevens
stevens [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
306 NL 333-6365
493-7927 cell
Safety Officer I
Shane Brownfield
sbrownfi [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
94 RAL 300-6618
Facilities Manager Ron Eggett
weggett [at] illinois [dot] edu
scsworkorders [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
166 NL 333-1972
649-2808 cell
Office Support Asst/Work Order Clerk Danielle Cruzan
scsworkorders [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
106 NL 300-6582
Glass Shop Andy Gibbs
agibbs [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 NL 333-3610
Graphic Services Dorothy Loudermilk
loudermi [at] illinois [dot] edu
71 NL 244-1784
Human Resources
Director Jennifer Russell
russel1 [at] illinois [dot] edu
316 NL 300-1637
Human Resources Associate Leslie Chenoweth
lchenowe [at] illinois [dot] edu
312 NL 300-1637
Human Resources Associate Jonathan Freiman
SCS_HR_Office [at] scs [dot]illinois [dot] edu
314A NL 300-1637
Computer Applications & Network Services
Interim Director
Mike Hallock
mhallock [at] illinois [dot] edu
152 NL 265-6576
Senior Software Engineer Feng Dong
fengdong [at] illinois [dot] edu
306B NL 244-8571
Stations, Dispensing
Mail & Duplicating Lori Sage-Karlson
lsagekar [at] illinois [dot] edu
29b RAL 333-3257
Receiving   29a RAL 333-1974
Storeroom Coordinator and Construction Project Coordinator Karla Southern
storeroom [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu
94 RAL 244-0985
General Inquiries   94 RAL 333-3564
Web Consultant Beverly Rauchfuss
rauchfus [at] illinois [dot] edu
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 114 RAL 333-5052 fax
Head Paul J. S. Kenis
kenis [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL 244-9214
Associate Director of Finance and Administration Jenny Daly
jbyrd [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL 244-2021
Departmental Office Administrator Christy Bowser
cbowser [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL 244-9214
Departmental Assistant Jadii Rodgers
rodgrs [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL 333-3640
Chair of Undergraduate Program Jonathan J. L. Higdon
jhigdon [at] illinois [dot] edu
195 RAL  
Undergraduate Program Assistant Rebecca Lyle
rlyle [at] illinois [dot] edu
99 RAL 244-2819
Director of Graduate Studies Mary L. Kraft
mlkraft [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL  
Graduate Program Assistant Cynthia Dodds
dodds [at] illinois [dot] edu
99 RAL 244-3179
Assistant Director of Communications Christine des Garennes
desgaren [at] illinois [dot] edu
114 RAL 300-3996
Department of Chemistry 350H NL 244-5943 fax
Dept. Administration
Martin Gruebele
mgruebel [at] illinois [dot] edu
350H NL 333-5071
Associate Head of Budget & Operations Scott Silverman
sks [at] illinois [dot] edu
140 RAL 244-4489
Associate Head of Buildings & Services Prashant Jain
jain [at] illinois [dot] edu
A224 CLSL 333-3417
Assistant Director of Finance & Administration Jenny Cox
jcox [at] illinois [dot] edu
350G NL 265-0294
Financial Analyst Katie Einck
keinck [at] illinois [dot] edu
350F NL


Administrative Aide Staci Ryan
staciry [at] illinois [dot] edu
350H NL 244-0565
Office Support Associate Samantha Langley
slangley [at] illinois [dot] edu
350H NL 300-2525
Undergraduate Student Services Heather Schulze
schulze [at] illinois [dot] edu
350K NL 244-9875
Graduate Admissions & Records Supervisor Sean Drummond
chem-adm [at] illinois [dot] edu
350E NL 244-6245
Office Support Associate Lisa Williamson
chem-adm [at] illinois [dot] edu
350E NL 244-6245
Graduate Student Services Connie Knight
chem-gradstudentservices [at] illinois [dot] edu
350J NL 244-4844
Advancement Activities Specialist Star Murray
ssmurray [at] illinois [dot] edu
44 NL 300-2328
Stewardship Coordinator Christen Mercier
cmercier [at] illinois [dot] edu
350L NL 300-6506
Communications Specialist Mary Jo Hettinger
mhetting [at] illinois [dot] edu
350F NL 265-4091
Assistant Director of Graduate Diversity and Program Climate Lloyd Munjanja
munjanja [at] illinois [dot] edu
113 NL 300-4174
General Chemistry (CHEM 101-205)
Director of General Chemistry Dr. Christian Ray
crray [at] illinois [dot] edu
2025 Chem Annex 333-6353
Office Manager Keena Finney
kbaumgar [at] illinois [dot] edu
1026 Chem Annex 333-3015
Director of Undergraduate Studies Tina Huang
thhuang [at] illinois [dot] edu
3030 Chem Annex 244-7769
Director, Chemistry Merit Program Elise McCarren
emccarr2 [at] illinois [dot] edu
2026 CA 300-5899
Chemistry Learning Center   2021 Chem Annex 333-2998
Director, Instructional Technology Douglas Mills
dmills [at] illinois [dot] edu
2019 Chem Annex 244-5739
Chem Learning Ctr Specialist Sarah Sheeley
sheeley [at] illinois [dot] edu
2023 Chem Annex 333-2998
Chemistry Area Offices
Analytical Gayle Adkisson
adkssn [at] illinois [dot] edu
68 RAL 244-2467
chem-imp [at] mx [dot] uillinois [dot] edu
Beth Myler
bmyler [at] illinois [dot] edu
A131 CLSL 333-2556
  Theresa Struss
struss [at] illinois [dot] edu
A131 CLSL 333-6136
  Katie Trabaris
trabari1 [at] illinois [dot] edu
A131 CLSL 244-8632
Organic/Chemical Biology
chem-ocb [at] mx [dot] uillinois [dot] edu
Kara Metcalf
Business Administrative Associate
metclf [at] illinois [dot] edu
61 RAL 244-0769
  Lori Johnson
Office Support Specialist
ljohnso2 [at] illinois [dot] edu
61 RAL 333-2255
  Katriena Knights
Office Support Specialist
kknights [at] illinois [dot] edu
61 RAL 300-4552
  Jason Madden
Office Support Associate
jmadden4 [at] illinois [dot] edu
61 RAL 300-7393
Chemistry Library   170 NL 333-3737
Librarian Mary Schlembach
schlemba [at] illinois [dot] edu
170 NL 333-3737
Senior Library Specialist Anna Gerard
agerard [at] illinois [dot] edu
170 NL 333-3737

School of Chemical Sciences
106 Noyes Lab
505 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL  61801
Professor Jonathan Sweedler

(217) 333-5070
(217) 333-3120 fax
jsweedle [at] illinois [dot] edu
Please send comments and suggestions to:
scs-webmaster [at] illinois [dot] edu