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Introduction to the Service Facility

This laboratory provides the school with a complete structural chemistry service. Located on the ground floor on Noyes Laboratory, the 3M Materials Chemistry Laboratory is housed in 2,700 square feet of space and staffed by two crystallographers. State-of-art hardware and software systems allow for detailed X-ray analysis of materials from minerals to macromolecules.

The x-ray facility performs a wide variety of experiments including small and wide angle x-ray scattering, in addition to powder, fiber, and single crystal x-ray diffraction. This facility helps maintain structural database systems that provide electronic search, retrieval, analysis, data, and graphics for inorganic, organic, and macromolecular structures. Facility personnel help investigators correlate x-ray diffraction results with other single crystal and bulk sample experiments including laser, EPR, NMR, and microwave. The staff also offers instruction covering x-ray diffraction experiments from design and data collection to analysis and presentation of results. Experimental data for research groups is routinely provided in less than one week. Alternatively, faculty, staff, students, and visitors are welcome to use facility equipment to collect their own data.

The George L. Clark X-Ray Facility is the x-ray diffraction and scattering component of the Center for Complex Structures. The laboratory maintains several experimental systems.

Experimental Systems

Additional systems are available for designer experiments that require unusual physical environments or peripherals. These user-designed systems perform very specialized experiments, like measuring molecular geometry as a function of temperature, pressure, or fluid properties.

Separately and in various combinations these systems have inspired a new generation of questions about molecular geometry in solids, liquid crystals, colloids, and solutions. Scientists in disciplines ranging from physics to food science are taking advantage of the expanded spectrum of x-ray diffraction and scattering experiments currently available.

George L. Clark X-Ray Facility
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Danielle Gray , Ph.D.

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