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3M Materials Chemistry Laboratory Renovation

The article below was written by the previous director of the lab, Scott Wilson, in commemoration of the 2000 renovation. Dr. Wilson retired in 2008.

The renovated X-ray Laboratory, including rooms 60 through 71 in the northeast ground floor corner of Noyes Laboratory, is subdivided into two main areas, laboratory space and office space. The enclosed schematic diagram locates the various room and door numbers. Equipment and personnel began reoccupying the renovated space in early January 2000. There was a Grand Opening in September 2000.

The traffic pattern through the lab is designed to provide ideal access for our users. Users enter the sample inspection and mounting area, the Wet Lab, through door 60. Door 60 is fitted with a magnetic card reader for 24-hour, ID card access to the lab. The sample inspection and mounting area houses a hood, mounting table, refrigerator, multipurpose sink, eye wash, safety shower, and user storage closet (61). Space for a dry box and visual-imaging station to complete our mounting facility is available. The SMART/CCD is located immediately adjacent to the inspection area for quick access. The main instrument alley begins at the CCD, continues north then west into room 64, and terminates south at the rotating anode instruments housed in room 62. The mechanical closet, room 63, houses heat exchangers and electrical disconnects for all of the instruments. Space is available in the northwest corner of room 64 for future instruments. The instrument alley and room 64 will also house the workstations for all instruments and a printer station for all of the workstations. Room 65 will be used by the facility to store supplies, spare equipment, repair tools, and most of the paper archive. Space for mechanical needs of future instruments is available in room 65.

Office 67 has a panoramic view of rooms 60 and 64 so the staff can attend to users as efficiently as possible, but still work in a space somewhat isolated from equipment noises. The remaining office space is located north of room 67. Room 68 will house an hourly employee and also be used for temporary facility visitors from off campus. Recent visitors, i.e., since we acquired three area detectors, have included Victor Day (UNL), Lisa Szepura (ISU), Rex Field (Cabot), Bob Broach (UOP), CHEME (Iowa), and Greg Stevenson (Lilly) among others. Room 69 is still occupied by Iain Paul. Room 70 serves as office, development and consulting space for the X-ray Lab Director. Conference room 71 is intended for use as a meeting space for 4 to 24 people. These groups might include industrial visitors, research groups, and facility directors among others. We had originally planned this space for a state-of-the-art graphics and video conferencing facility, but the low ceilings and appearance of the entrance hallway failed to inspire much confidence. Nevertheless, room 71 has high-speed network access, a local voice line, and 24-hour access for any School function. The reason for including this meeting room space in the X-ray lab was to provide horizontal (table) and vertical (white board) image space for more than two people. Despite the improvement in noise levels in the main lab, it will always be difficult to speak to a group of people near the instruments.

The lab was designed to provide the School with a showcase research facility that housed instruments, staff, and a small conference space in close proximity. We hope that this space will prove useful for inspiring other external contributors to consider contributions like the 3M program. With limited funds and considerable planning we believe the School has successfully converted a sow's ear into a silk purse. We sacrificed some expensive alternatives like central A/C to put together a premier, working resource for the School. This 3M contribution will continue to serve the School for decades.

George L. Clark
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