Kimberly Powers

Kimberly Powers

Last Names H – NKimberly Powers, SCS Academic Advisor
110C Noyes Lab 

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From:  Louisville, Kentucky

Education: University of Michigan – MA in Anthropology & History focusing on 19th century Russia and Central Asia; University of Louisville – BA in History & BFA in 2D Design with a minor in Russian Studies

Hobbies: Listening to podcasts about design, history, and politics; travel; garment sewing; animal rescue; watching too much HGTV and Food Network

Best piece of advice for students: Get involved outside of the classroom – there are a variety of ways to develop your personal and professional skills on campus. You can find leadership positions in RSOs; improve your communication and academic skills as a TA, tutor, or mentor; gain valuable academic experience conducting research with faculty; and get hands-on learning through internships and co-ops. These activities will help you explore and confirm what path in SCS will be best for you!

Interesting Fact: I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I adopted one of my cats from the streets of Almaty, Kazakhstan. She has traveled with me to St. Petersburg, Russia, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and, finally, Champaign, Illinois.