Skills and skill development is likely going to be much more valuable than the simple accumulation of degrees. While a degree and often times a particular degree may be essential, often students can waste effort working towards a minor, or multiple majors or minors when they could be accumulating essential skills.

What Skills Do You Need?

1. Go to Career Fairs, company info sessions and alumni panels and ask what kinds of skills do you need beyond the typical skills earned in a particular major.

2. Look at industry job postings. What are the skills listed?

3. Most majors can use computer science, informatics, web development, leadership, research, and writing skills.

4.  Identify skills you can pick up within your major. Courses such as Six Sigma, Economics, technical writing, etc. can be valuable in engineering/industry.

How Do You Obtain These Skills?

College courses

Free On-line Courses

Coursera – Free On-line Courses from the World’s Best Universities

Khan Academy

MIT Open Coursewear

Symposiums, conferences, workshops, etc.

Student Groups