New Student Registration

Welcome to the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) at the University of Illinois! We're very excited to meet with you this summer and help you prepare for your first semester in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or CS+Chemistry. To get the most out of your new student registration appointment, please be sure to complete the tasks below and check out the links for more information about General Education requirements, campus resources, the Merit Program, SCS Advising, and SCS Career Services. 

What to DO before your registration appointment

Complete the following at least ONE WEEK before your appointment:

  1. The online SCS Questionnaire – this helps us tailor our individual advising appointments to your interests and needs
  2. All of the following placement tests:
    • ALEKS Math Placement (has a 3 hour time limit!) – even if you have AP, IB, or other credit for Calculus, this diagnostic test helps us determine the best, most appropriate Math course for your first semester at Illinois
    • Chemistry Placement – like the Math placement, you should take this even if you have AP, IB, or other credit for Chemistry
    • Physics Placement – you should take this placement exam even if you have AP, IB, or other credit for Physics
    • Spanish, French, German, or other language placement exams – if you have not yet taken 3 or 4 years of language in high school OR you plan to continue studying a language in college, you should take the language placement exam
  3. Non-native English-speaking students: take the English Placement Test (EPT) so we can determine the best first year composition course for you
  4. All of the other necessary tasks on the Admitted Student Checklist, including your College of Liberal Arts & Sciences homework