Still Seats Available in Informatics Classes for spring 2019!



There are still seats in a variety of Informatics related courses for the spring semester! 

Amazingly both INFO 102 (Little Bits to Big Ideas) and INFO 202 (Social Aspects of IT) still have lots of seats available.  These would be great choices for freshmen or sophomores (or any student interested in exploring Informatics).

There are also seats available in the following classes:

INFO 490 ML1: Makerspace Introduction: Open Studio (CRN 65142)

This course introduces learners to a variety of rapid prototyping and fabrication techniques in collaboration with the CU Community Fab Lab. Weekly class lecture will introduce students to trends and ideas in Makerspaces, Peer-to-Peer learning, design processes, creativity, computational thinking, and practicing makers. Each week students will be provided a general project prompt and set to work with a tool area in response to a simple design exploration challenge. Over the course of the semester they will have an opportunity to become familiar with the basics of several advanced small-scale manufacturing tools, such as 3D printers, laser engravers, digital embroidery machines, graphic drawing tablets and small board electronics. There is no dedicated lab section time for the course, instead students will be expected to come into open hours (which extend throughout the week/weekend) at the Fab Lab to work on projects by seeking assistance from staff and one another, according to their own schedule each week. While there is no studio fee students will be expected to find, purchase, borrow or otherwise provide their own materials for several projects. The class will have both group and independent work and make use of Moodle for assignment hand-in and peer-feedback. Please note that this course will emphasize self-guided learning and time management, students will need to rely on online tutorials and information resources to explore methods and complete much of the work in a rapid-response fashion. Projects will be small and contained, in order to allow for exposure to several tools and mediums. Students who have taken a prior Makerspace course at the FabLab are eligible to participate in this class, but it is also not a requirement. This class is for undergraduate students only, at the sophomore level or higher. 

IS 390 W1A: Web Technologies and Techniques (CRN 67703)

This course provides an introduction to the technologies behind the Web. Topics covered include: hypertext, hypermedia, the history of the Web, the role of Web standards and their impact on the development of Web resources. The course introduces principles of Web design and usability. Students will gain an understanding how the Web works and how to design, construct, evaluate, and maintain Web-based materials.

IS 490 PDU: Playful Design Methods (CRN 69288)

In this immersive and experiential course, students consider "playfulness" as a key aspect of design methodologies and practices. Looking closely at the philosophical, social, and relational dynamics of play from multiple disciplinary angles, students will explore how playful approaches to design thinking and other design methodologies can encourage collaboration, engagement, and emergent, transformative solutions to a range of challenges that face us in our rapidly-changing, information-based culture. The course aims to build student competency in design methods through a sequence of project experiences arising from a deep consideration of play.