Mizzou Undergrad Summer Research



The University of Missouri Chemistry Department is accepting applications for Steven’s Summer Research Fellows program. This is a great opportunity for any undergraduates who are looking to broaden their research experience beyond their home institution.  The Stevens’ Scholars program is an 8-week paid opportunity to collaborate with our faculty, postdocs and graduate students on frontier research in diverse fields of chemistry.  Additional details about our program and application materials may be found on our website under the summer fellowships tab at the left (application also attached to this message).  The application is relatively simple and we hope to receive completed materials by March 1.

Our faculty are exploring ways to increase our interactions with neighboring chemistry communities, and in that spirit, we are trying an experiment with Steven’s Summer Scholar program.  We have long given preferential consideration to students performing undergraduate studies at schools in our home state of  Missouri. Given the high density of strong undergraduate programs to our east,  we have decided to extend that special consideration to Illinois undergraduate students for this year.  We typically receive a wealth of applications, so admission to the program is still merit-based, but this would be a chance for your students to get a leg up in the competitive summer REU-style application pool.   If you would be so kind as to pass this information on to interested juniors or highly promising sophomores in your department, we would be most grateful.  In addition, if you or your students have additional questions about the program, feel free to contact me directly.