Student Leadership Awards and Scholarships


The Student Leadership Awards & Scholarships program recognizes students and registered student organizations for academic excellence, a commitment to leadership at the University of Illinois, and a dedication to service at the local, national, and international levels.

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Nomination Deadline:

  • Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm

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Student Leadership Awards & Scholarships Recognition Information

  • The awards and recognition celebration will be held on Thursday, April 14 from 5-6:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students will self-nominate for all the awards and scholarships with the exception of the Stanley R. Levy Leadership Scholarship and the Susan Teegarden Morrison Leadership Scholarship, which require a faculty or staff member nomination.
  • Students can apply for multiple awards.
  • Monetary sums are given with each award/scholarship. The amount of each award may vary from one year to the next depending on funding available. 
  • Most of the awards and scholarships are for individuals, but Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may be nominated for the Joseph H. Smith Award.

Award & Scholarship Criteria

  • Awards and scholarships are selected by the Student Leadership & Scholarships Awards Selection Committee.

Awards Determined by Student Leadership & Scholarships Awards Selection Committee

Excellence in Leadership Awards

  • Chicago Illini Club Award
  • Victoria Lynn Merkel Award
  • Willard Broom Award
  • Procter & Gamble Award

Recipient: Senior(s) (will graduate by December of 2021)
Criteria: Exceptional leadership

Jean F. Hill Awards
Recipient: Senior(s) from under-represented populations 
Criteria: Exceptional leadership and overcame significant personal obstacles to earn their degrees

Irene Pierson Award
Recipient: Junior
Criteria: Excellence in student activities, leadership and academics 

Barbara Seaquist Williams Leadership Awards
Recipient: Juniors, female 
Criteria: Minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (A=4.0); outstanding leadership, impact on quality of University programs, services and/or activities; creativity and community awareness in her work

Joshua L. Grafton Scholarship Awards
Recipient: Sophomores
Criteria: Outstanding creativity, initiative and potential in his or her extracurricular activities 

Patricia E. Askew Leadership Award
Recipient: Undergraduate student
Criteria: Exceptional leadership on campus; instrumental in creating or enhancing a registered student organization 

Joseph H. Smith Award
Recipient: Undergraduate student, graduate/professional student, or RSO
Criteria: Developed an effective and sustaining activity toward interracial or cultural understanding and appreciation through outside classroom experiences

Stanley R. Levy Leadership Scholarship
Recipient: Sophomore or Junior undergraduate(s)
Criteria: Significant leadership positions. Recipients must hold leadership position within a registered student organization for following year. Must demonstrate financial need.
(Note: nominations for this award must be made by a faculty or staff member.)

Edith and Harry Darby Leadership Scholarship
Recipient: Junior undergraduate(s)
Criteria: Scholarship will be awarded based upon academic merit (minimum 3.0 GPA), and secondarily upon other measures of high achievement and excellence, such as outstanding campus leadership. Expected to hold leadership position within a registered student organization for following year.

Susan Teegarden Morrison Leadership Scholarship
Recipient: Sophomore or Junior undergraduate(s)
Criteria: For active leaders in major campus organizations; recipients are expected to hold leadership position within a registered student organization in the following academic year

Cathy Acevedo Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Undergraduate student
Criteria: Demonstrated interest in the advancement of Latino(a) issues and concerns.

Renée Romano Leadership Scholarship
Recipient: Undergraduate student
Criteria: Exemplifies authentic leadership and has contributed a personal legacy of impact that benefits women students

Other Awards Presented at the Student Leadership Awards Banquet

Moms Association Humanitarian Award
Recipient: Undergraduate or graduate/professional student
Criteria: Outstanding and innovative service within the local community 
Award: Individual monetary award to be determined, plus a grant to the recipient's organization of choice

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