Staff Awards 2011-2012

SCS Staff Awards, 2011-2012

Each year the SCS recognizes a few of our many outstanding staff for a special thank-you. This year's staff awards recognize the following individuals:

Michelle DavisMichelle Davis


Michelle Davis is Administrative Clerk in the SCS Business Office. One nominator writes she "has a very difficult job between the world of vendors and professors…" and "her work embodies the meaning of 'meritorious'". Another writes "She has done a truly outstanding job dealing with all of the changes in procurement and is always a helping hand to all in purchasing, with everything from small items to in the millions. She is truly an unsung hero at SCS."


Julie SidesJulie Sides


Julie Sides is Office Manager in the Analytical Chemistry office. Her nominator writes "Analytical Chemistry Just Works. It’s because Julie knows the players, works hard, and has a heart. She has done enough psychological counseling of graduate students that she should be certified as a clinical psychologist." and "To the outside world, (Julie) is the voice, if not the face, of Illinois Analytical Chemistry."