Combatting the Stress of Finals with Group Fitness



By Maddy Chalifoux, SCS Student Advising Leader 2018-19:

As finals approach, students’ stress levels tend to rise. With all of the assignments due and exams to prepare for, it’s easy to neglect to do things such as exercise. However, exercising has consistently been proven to help cognitive function and focus. (If you’re interested, check out this article on the influence of exercise and cognitive abilities.) Despite the undeniable benefits of exercise, we often don’t get enough of it- especially in busy times such as finals week!

Luckily for all students at UIUC, we have an incredible resource through Campus Recreation. In particular, the ARC and CRCE offer group fitness classes on a regular basis throughout the semester and through finals week. These classes range from weightlifting to yoga to dance to cycling to water aerobics, and everything in between! You can find the full list of group fitness classes offered by campus recreation here. The weekly schedule is also posted here. Personally, my favorite classes offered on campus are Body Attack (a mixture of cardio, plyometrics, and body weight exercises) and Iyengar Yoga. Group fitness classes usually range from a half hour to an hour in duration and are offered at a range of times each day. These classes are a great way to socialize while working out and burning off stress at the same time!

If you are committed to going to group fitness classes, it costs $50 to purchase a group fitness pass for a full semester, or else you can purchase a $7 drop-in pass for single time use. No matter your fitness level, everyone is welcome to join group fitness classes at UIUC. So next time you are searching for a meaningful study break, grab a friend and hit the gym! You may be surprised just how much more focused are when you get back to studying!