Staying Warm



By Jun Hyup Og, 2018-2019 Student Academic Advising Leader:

     As the famous quote from a popular TV series “Game of Thrones” goes - “Winter is here”. And thus, now is the time to dress warm and stay indoors as much as possible. Many will remember the last days of the January as the coldest day in UIUC history as the weather report stated that “Chicago was colder than Antarctica, Alaska and the North Pole”, and of course, Chicago being 4 hours away, meaning that the freezing weather applied to Urbana-Champaign as well. Fortunately, the Chancellor, Robert J. Jones, declared that all classes would be canceled due to the fact that the temperature was predicted to be minus seven degrees to minus 20 degrees coupled with extremely dangerous wind chills of minus 40 degrees and possibly lower. The gravity of this freezing temperature was that it took many lives during the deep freeze. Although the weather now has cleared up and isn’t as cold, students should still be aware of the weather as just recently, there was a strong wind gust. One tip to stay warm is to invest in thermal weather gears such as undershirt and leggings as they are light and help trap body temperature. Also, as it still snows and a strong wind blows over the campus, students should also look into a light wind jacket and a heavy fur jacket to stay warm as midterm seasons approaches and it is important to be healthy before taking any exams. And if you have not received your free shot, go to McKinley hospital and ask about a free flu shot as they offer them and it is always good to get one once per year!