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Chad Rienstra photoChad Rienstra, Emad Tajkhorshid, and James Morrissey have been awarded a Director's Transformative Research Award from the NIH for their highly creative approach to the study of cell membrane lipids. MCB News article.
Chad Rienstra has been named a University Scholar for his breakthrough SSNMR spectroscopy research, his innovative teaching and his leadership roles on campus. UIUC News Bureau article.
Andrew Gerwith and graduate student Jason Varnell developed a method to isolate active catalyst nanoparticles from a mixture of iron-containing compounds, a finding that could help researchers refine the catalyst to make fuel cells more active.Andrew Gewirth and Jason Varnell devised a method to isolate active, stable nanoparticle catalysts containing iron that may be useful in perfecting fuel cells. UIUC News Bureau article.
Novel small-scale device on a benchtop has highly sophisticated optical diagnostics enabling investigators to see what is happening during the millionth of a second the charge is exploding, with unprecedented accuracy. 
CREDIT: Bassett/DlottWill Bassett and Dana Dlott have changed the study of explosive charges by recreating the conditions in miniature, subsequently measuring what occurs with great accuracy and providing new insights in the field of energetic materials. AIP Publishing article.
Ying Diao photoYing Diao was named one of the 2016 MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 for her innovative printing of plastic solar cells that have double the efficiency of previous ones. ChBE News article.
Illinois researchers found that one class of gene-editing proteins searches for its target by sliding along DNA like a zipline. Pictured, from left: professor Huimin Zhao, professor Charles Schroeder, graduate students Luke Cuculis and Zhanar Abil.Using advanced imaging techniques, Huimin Zhao, Charles Schroeder and colleagues have discovered the TALE genome-editing proteins that have a different DNA-binding search procedure than other proteins in this class. The novel mechanism has potential for use in biomedical applications. UIUC News Bureau article.
Prashant K. Jain, Jeffrey S. Moore, Catherine Jones Murphy and Ralph Nuzzo photos

Prashant K. Jain, Jeffrey S. Moore, Catherine Jones Murphy and Ralph G. Nuzzo are among the most highly cited researchers worldwide. Chemistry News article.

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