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Ying Diao photoYing Diao was named one of the 2016 MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 for her innovative printing of plastic solar cells that have double the efficiency of previous ones. ChBE News article.
Illinois researchers found that one class of gene-editing proteins searches for its target by sliding along DNA like a zipline. Pictured, from left: professor Huimin Zhao, professor Charles Schroeder, graduate students Luke Cuculis and Zhanar Abil.Using advanced imaging techniques, Huimin Zhao, Charles Schroeder and colleagues have discovered the TALE genome-editing proteins that have a different DNA-binding search procedure than other proteins in this class. The novel mechanism has potential for use in biomedical applications. UIUC News Bureau article.
Prashant K. Jain, Jeffrey S. Moore, Catherine Jones Murphy and Ralph Nuzzo photos

Prashant K. Jain, Jeffrey S. Moore, Catherine Jones Murphy and Ralph G. Nuzzo are among the most highly cited researchers worldwide. Chemistry News article.
Andrew Gewirth and Nancy Sottos photoAndrew Gewirth, Nancy Sottos and students have perfected a test providing knowledge of the mechanical, electrical and chemical forces within lithium-ion batteries. UIUC News Bureau article.
M. Christina White and Thomas Osberger.M. Christina White and graduate student Thomas Osberger led research finding that two small-molecule iron catalysts can oxidize chiral amino acids and peptides to an array of unnatural forms, giving researchers more options for developing drug candidates. UIUC News Bureau article.
Joaquin Rodriguez-Lopez photoJoaquín Rodríguez-López was awarded a 2016-17 ECE Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship to pursue his research in green technology. His grant title was "Achieving the Ultimate Performance of Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts via Programmable Electronic Control of Surface Reactivity". Toyota announcement.

He is also the recipient of the 2017 Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award from the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC).

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