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Martin Burke photoMartin Burke proposes billion-dollar project to synthesize most of the hundreds of thousands of known organic natural products in search of new medicines. The effort would harness an automated synthesis machine that he and colleagues developed to snap together molecules from a set of premade building blocks. Science Magazine article.
David Sarlah photoDavid Sarlah was one of four faculty members named a Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professors Scholar. He is being recognized for his outstanding teaching and research. LAS News article.
Catherine Murphy photoCatherine J. Murphy has been named a 2017 Materials Research Society Fellow. Her work in gold and silver nanoparticles has provided a springboard for herself and others for use of the materials in sensors, drug delivery agents, therapeutic agents, optical switching devices, electronic inks, and more. MRL News article.
Scott E. Denmark photoScott E. Denmark has been elected a 2017 Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He joins some of the world's most accomplished scholars as a member of the Academy for his invention, stereochemical study and mechanistic understanding of new synthetic reactions. UIUC News Bureau article.
Clockwise from back middle:  graduate student Behnam Enghiad, postdoctoral researcher Shangwen Luo, graduate student Tajie Luo and professor Huimin Zhao.The Zhao group and collaborators in Singapore used CRISPR technology to activate silent gene clusters in Streptomyces bacteria, a potential treasure trove of new classes of drugs. They published their research in in the journal of Nature Chemical Biology. UIUC News Bureau article.
Freddy Nguyen photoAlumnus, Freddy Nguyen (PhD 2015, Gruebele), received a prestigious Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue his research developing nanosensors for in vivo monitoring of cancer therapeutics at MIT. Chemistry News article.
Danielle Mai photoAlumna, Danielle Mai (PhD 2016, Schroeder), was awarded a prestigious Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship for her work developing bioinspired polymers for rapid and selective removal of biological toxins. She is currently at MIT. ChBE News article.

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