Facilities Management Group

Safety issues and concerns usually involve the people and personnel working in SCS buildings. For example, safety issues include personnel training and the implementation of safe working practices. For any safety or facilities related issues, contact the SCS Facilities Team at scs-facilities@illinois.edu and/or call Karla Southern or Shane Brownfield at the phone numbers listed below.
Facilities Team email: scs-facilities@illinois.edu 
Submit a Facility Work Order: reaction.scs.illinois.edu/physicalPlant/
Assistant Director of Administration and Operations

Chad Stevens
168 Noyes Lab

Phone:  (217) 333-6365
Cell:  (217) 493-7927


Assistant Director of Facilities and Safety

Karla Southern
166 Noyes Lab

Phone: (217) 244-0985

Safety and Inventory Coordinator

Shane Brownfield
94 Roger Adams Lab

Phone: (217) 300-6618



Inventory Clerk

Andy Benner
44 Noyes Lab

Phone: (217) 244-3660

Facilities Manager



Maintenance Coordinator

Heath Collier
113 Noyes Lab

Phone: (217) 333-1972