SCS Computing, also known as Computing Applications and Network Support (CANS), is an interdepartmental facility operated under the School of Chemical Sciences. Its goal is to provide the hardware, software, and personnel resources to facilitate the use of computational science and molecular modeling in theoretical and experimental research. SCS Computing offices are located along the south east corridor of the first floor of Noyes Laboratory, and on the 3rd floor of Noyes Lab.  

     For technical support, please contact: 
     For Reaction support, please contact:


A sampling of the services that SCS Computing provides: 

  • Desktop support (hardware and software) for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • HPC (High Performance Computing) support for the SCS Cluster
  • Other IT support for research systems
  • Application support for Reaction, internal software that documents most SCS business processes
  • Expertise in computational chemistry and data science

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