SCS seminars

The School of Chemical Sciences has two vibrant and impactful departments within its auspices. Their faculty have a wide variety of research interests and many have affiliations with other research centers on campus. The SCS seminars calendar contains more than just the speakers brought in by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Department of Chemistry. Internationally and nationally well respected speakers visit the campus to give these seminars.

SCS Major Named Lectures and symposia

The School and Departments host annual and biannual named lectures, bringing in acclaimed scientists from a wide variety of disciplines.     

All Major Named Lectures

     John C. BAILAR, Jr. Lectures

     BECKMAN-BROWN Lecture on Interdisciplinary Science

     Herbert CARTER Lectures in Biochemistry

     ChBE Distinguished Alumni Lecture

     Ada DOISY Lectures in Biochemistry

     FLYGARE Memorial Lecture

     R. C. FUSON Visiting Professor Lectures

     Krug Lecture by Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE)

     Nelson J. LEONARD Lectures in the School of Chemical Sciences

     Carl Shipp MARVEL Lectures in Organic Chemistry

     Samuel W. PARR Lecture in Chemical Engineering

     Kenneth L. RINEHART Lecture in Chemical Biology

     G. F. SMITH Memorial Lectures

     Sylvia M. STOESSER Lectures in Chemistry

     SUSLICK-SESSLER Lecture in Materials Chemistry


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