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In keeping with the long history of the School of Chemical Sciences support of education and research at the University of Illinois, honoring the pioneering idea of world-renowned faculty, and combating the loss of funding from federal and State sources, SCS created a Center of Research and Educational Support (CORES) endowment to perpetually provide our researchers and our facilities the best equipment and greatest support staff to match the frontier research objectives of our faculty and students.

Cell Media Facility

Provides the materials required to grow and work with bacteria, yeast, insect cells, and animal cells.

Electronic Services 

(formerly CEES/Computer Electronics Electrical Services) - Provides design, construction and repair service for electronic and electro-mechanical equipment. An experienced staff works to provide fast and economical repairs, consultation and design assistance for new instrumentation, construction of new devices or modification of existing hardware, and preventative maintenance on lab equipment and pumps.

EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) Lab

Provides EPR, ENDOR, and ESEEM facilities and expertise.

Glass Shop

Provides glassware repairs, and design and fabrication of customized glass equipment.

Graphic Services

Provides a range of conventional photographic, electronic imaging, technical drawing, and graphic design services.

High-throughput Screening Facility

Assists academic researchers in developing and performing high-throughput screens of chemical libraries.

Machine Shop

Provides design and machining of customized equipment, especially ultra-high vacuum, high pressure, optical and mechanical equipment.

Receiving / Shipping / Mailroom

Receives incoming shipments from all carriers, and processes outgoing shipment services via UPS and FedEx. 


Copy center handles large-volume copy jobs.  

Mass Spectrometry Lab

Provides varied services with capabilities in all modern methods of mass spectrometry.

Microanalysis Laboratory 

Provides elemental analysis (CHN, ICP, Halides), thermal analysis (TGA, DSC, ITC) and Surface Analysis (Physisorption (surface area, mesopore/micropore, adsorption, desorption, isotherms), Chemisorption (static/dynamic), vapor adsorption or heat of adsorption)

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Laboratory

Offers a wide range of spectrometers, probes, and technical capabilities including multi-dimensional, multi-nuclear, and solid-state NMR.


Repository of chemicals and materials for use; maintains the SCS chemical database.

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Performs a wide variety of experiments including small and wide-angle x-ray scattering, in addition to powder, fiber, and single crystal x-ray diffraction. This facility helps maintain structural database systems that provide electronic search, retrieval, analysis, data, and graphics for inorganic, organic, and macromolecular structures.