The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Lab is a service facility supported by user fees and by the School of Chemical Sciences.  The Lab is in A149 Chem Life A.  Newcomers should visit 146 Roger Adams Lab and see Nikki Duay ( for a briefing.

This facility provides the University of Illinois as well as other members of scientific community with EPR (also called ESR, electron spin resonance, or EMR, electron magnetic resonance), ENDOR, and ESEEM facilities and expertise. Additionally, the facility is involved in collaborative research and works with scientists worldwide who are interested in EPR techniques. We encourage scientists of all disciplines to visit our center and undertake collaborative or other work. Where feasible, samples can be sent in for spectral examination by laboratory personnel. Prospective users should contact Dr. Toby Woods, to discuss the scientific problem and make the necessary arrangements.

The current EPR rates can be found here.