Electronic Services provides Design, Construction and Repair service for electronic and electro-mechanical equipment. An experienced staff works to provide fast and economical repairs, consultation and design assistance for new instrumentation, construction of new devices or modification of existing hardware, and preventative maintenance on lab equipment and pumps.

  • Design Engineers work with faculty, staff or students to develop a course of action to turn a perceived need into a viable resolution. Moving from consultation through engineering and construction phases, they give hardware reality to requirements from the very simple to the complex.
  • Construction capabilities allow for the fabrication of equipment and devices to the specifications of design engineers and service users, developing hardware in-house that may not be commercially available.
  • Repair of a wide range of equipment and devices associated with research and teaching labs in the SCS environment is available from this service organization. Technicians apply a knowledge base developed from years of hands on experience to support the hardware that makes possible the research and teaching missions of SCS.
  • Electromechanical and Pump Service The Electrical component of the facility provides repairs to a wide variety of lab equipment that range from simple heating units to complex vacuum pumps.

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