There are many ways your company can build a partnership with the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS). Depending on your interests and goals, we can work with you to develop a plan in one of the following areas or help you come up with another option to suit your needs. 


Endowment of a distinguished professorship or chair shows a company's belief in the values of higher education. It allows us to recruit and retain the best faculty in the world so that we continue to have top quality teachers and researchers in SCS.


Graduate fellowships in SCS serve to attract some of the world's most qualified graduate students and match them with Illinois' preeminent faculty in sciences and in engineering. Corporate sponsorship of graduate fellowships allows industry leaders to work closely with graduate students and faculty to provide ideas for research projects that align with the most relevant problems facing the private sector. It also provides industry leaders the opportunities to cultivate strong relationships with students that may result in summer internships or long term employment opportunities.


Funding existing and new facilities allows corporations to make a long-term impact on the university. Contributing to physical space that supports our interdisciplinary work and our educational mission is a great way for a company to support the entire campus. These investments provide the companies with long term opportunities for deeper engagement with the School and for reinforcing the corporate brand amongst students and faculty.

Research Grants and Equipment

As a world-class research university, a large portion of our innovations are born in SCS. Funding and equipment from companies help support this cutting-edge research that could change your industry and our everyday lives.


Participating in the Chemistry or Chemical Engineering curriculum represents a valuable opportunity to interact with students and to enable the School to prepare our students to be effective leaders and managers in their future careers. Investing your time and/or money can go a long way in ensuring our students leave the university well equipped with knowledge, skills and resources to maximize their potential. We currently have companies engaged in curriculum development, undergraduate research, speaking in the classroom, judging symposia, senior design projects, and educational laboratories.


Providing undergraduate scholarships is an excellent way to increase awareness of your company across the campus and to build a pipeline of talent from one of the top-rated chemistry and chemical engineering programs in the nation. These gifts can enable the best students to gain a world-class education, and they can contribute to increasing diversity on campus. Paid internship opportunities and funding for student organizations are two other ways corporations can assist students.

Corporate Matching Funds

Matching employee contributions are a great way to both help SCS and to encourage employee philanthropy.

Visiting Executives

Visiting lecturers and instructors help students learn more about "the real world". Visiting executives also increase exposure of their corporation to our students, who are among the best and most talented in the world.