Human Resources

312 Noyes Lab
fax 217-265-5577

All new employees MUST receive an offer letter and have a background check completed BEFORE they can begin working. Contact SCS HR PRIOR TO making any offer of employment. 

ALL new hires MUST contact SCS HR prior to their first day of work.
No one can begin working until they have filled out an I9 form or verified that they have one on file.

Director of Chemical Sciences Human Resources

Faculty, Academic Professional, Civil Service appointments; Vacation Sick Leave; Extra Help requests; policy interpretation; and labor relations issues.

Leslie Chenoweth

Human Resources Specialist

RA/TA appointments; Visa processing; Postdoctoral appointments; Academic, Grad, and Extra Help Hourly appointments; 


Dylan Hamilton

Office Support Associate


Payroll; Undergraduate Hourly appointments; new hire orientations; verification letters; and system processing.