Electronic Construction

Construction capabilities give hardware reality to design possibilities. Employing in-house resources and those of other SCS facilities as well as outside vendors, the service carries out the assembly of circuitry, components and housings to produce devices that perform the designed tasks. These can provide users with customized equipment and devices that meet research and teaching needs.

Construction Services

  • Engineering Designed Project
  • User Defined Projects
  • Small and Large Projects
  • Circuit Board Fabrication
  • Prototyping
  • Individual or multiple item production
  • Local support for equipment
  • Consultation

Construction Applications

  • Teaching Lab Equipment
  • Research Lab Equipment
  • Experimental Design Fabrication
  • Equipment Upgrade
  • Performance Enhancement Devices

Tools of the Trade

  • Experienced Fabrication Skills
  • Computer Assist Layout Software
  • Wide Ranging Component Access
  • In-house Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Inter-Facility Access

Design and Construction Examples