The 3D-Visualization Laboratory (Vizlab), located in 151 Noyes Lab, provides the hardware, software and personnel resources to train students, professors and staff in state-of-the-art techniques in viz labmodeling of complex chemical and biological systems. The Vizlab and is operated under the School of Chemical Sciences. Special Thanks to the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation for granting partial funding of the facility.

This facility has a 24 seat capacity and contains a CyViz 3D stereo projector, a rear projection wall screen. It offers a wide selection of scientific software and databases for molecular modeling and analysis.
The list of available software and databases can be found under Software.

The VizLab is open 24/7 for users with a SCS account. All databases and software can be used for teaching and academic research. Although access to the VizLab per se is free, fees are charged for disk usage, accounts creation/maintenance, and for consulting on scientific software if desired.  Rate information is available here.

The VizLab can be used for classes and group meetings. Users of the VizLab can access all SCS computer hardware and software from the lab.

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