CCRL at the School of Chemical Sciences of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides cost-recovery research services and collaborations in computational chemistry and biophysics using leading-edge scientific software. We use scientific software packages available within the facility as well as develop methods and custom software to address research projects. Specifically we offer expertise in areas of computational chemistry, which includes molecular dynamics, quantum electronic structure, and chem/bioinformatics.  See CCRL Rates

CCRL provides training in applications of computational chemistry to individual researchers as well as larger groups of researchers. We develop specialized instructional material tailored specifically for individual research groups, as well as give lectures and computer labs for courses. We develop and maintain a series of computational chemistry tutorials freely available on the web.

CCRL maintains the SCS Scientific Software Program, which offers members access to the latest scientific software suites and programs.

CCRL staff: Taras Pogorelov, Principal Investigator.