The School of Chemical Sciences wishes to support our families - especially new mothers who are seeking a private location in which to feed or pump breastmilk for their newborn.  The SCS Lactation room is located in Roger Adams Laboratory, room 64.  

Room 64 is located immediately to the east of the elevator bank in RAL South (to the right of the elevators, as you face them).  

Location of RAL 64


To schedule use of the SCS Lactation Room:

In Outlook: 

  • You can create a "Meeting Request" and add the "SCS Lactation Room - RAL 64" as a participant. 
  • To ensure privacy, be sure to click on the lock icon (see the red circle below) to mark the meeting request as "Private".
  • For the subject, please type your name and NetID.  - this will allow our staff to contact you in the event of conflicts or other issues. 
  • Click on the "Scheduling Assistant" to see when the room is available.  
  • If you'd like to schedule a recurring appointment, click on Recurrence.  

NOTE: If the room is available, the appointment will be automatically approved for all faculty and staff SCS, ChBE and Chemistry.  If there is a conflict, or if you are not in one of these groups, your request will be handled by one of our staff.  

Outlook meeting request window

If you do not have an Outlook account: 

You can view the room's calendar to see when it is available.  To schedule time in the SCS Lactation Room, please email