Cell Media Facility

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Cell Media Facility

The School of Chemical Sciences opened the Cell Media Facility in early 1997 to assist individuals who wished to conduct chemical research involving biological molecules and systems. The facility provides the materials required to grow and work with bacteria, yeast, insect cells, and animal cells.

To meet universal needs common to almost all biologically-based research, several items such as LB or LB + ampicillin plates and transformation competent E. coli cells are always kept in stock at the facility. The facility also prepares the media required to grow vertebrate cells in a variety of formulations. To meet the specific needs of its individual users, the facility offers a variety of custom services. These services are especially vital to users who lack the equipment and/or expertise required to grow and maintain cells.

A related need filled by the facility is in radioisotope imaging. The facility is responsible for the phosphorimager, a hardware and software-based system which replaces X-ray film-based autoradiography for qualitative and quantitative applications involving radioisotopes.

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