Thanksgiving - Keeping Busy and Enjoying Fall Break 



By Rishi Ghorad, 2019-2020 SCS Advising Leader

Fall Break is one of the best times of the year. After weeks of homework, exams, projects, and other trials in college, there is finally a long week of rest. Of course, some choose to relax and reset after so long of non-stop work. Others decide to catch up with family and friends. Chances are that the weeks leading up to Fall Break are packed with last-minute exams and reports.

Trust me, I’ve had my share of trials and tribulations, so I know how that sweet relief of 9 days feels. Others may share this, but there are always those unlucky few that have tests or projects scheduled right after the long break. Or should I say, the lucky few with all that study time on their hands?
Hear me out, I know that it is a difficult task to study, let alone do it when everyone else is enjoying the holidays. But like it or not the best course of action is to study for whatever is coming up right after. If you have almost a week of ‘empty space’ you can afford to squeeze in some time. For those of you who crave structure and order in everyday life, let’s try using a schedule. It helps to plan out what you’re doing for Thanksgiving in advance. Figure out and write down how your days will be from the time you wake up until the time you retire for bed. Pop in some quick 30 to minutes of studying breaks if you are daily moving around or involved in activities. Write down a reminder to sit down with your lab report or go over some thermochemistry between baking cookies and going out to meet with friends. Most importantly, stick to the schedule that you have made. It’s easy to get carried away and do things out of place but try to be in that ‘student rushing to classes’ mindset. In the case that plans are forced to be changed, improvise and incorporate the schedule with the shift.

Now for those of you who don’t have as much hard structure, and do things as they come. You are my type of people, and I also share in the adaptability of your lifestyle. When I am required to study over mid-sized breaks such as Fall Break, I know that my time will be spent busy with the family and my close friends. However, there are going to be lulls in the day where I take time to relax and mess around. I decide to casually study whenever I sit down and realize nothing is going on. As soon as I am called for something or an event is coming up, I leave my work until I find the next small break. Since I’m going to be relaxed during the time spent with others, I might as well make myself productive. Idle time is wasted time, even during a rest period. Good luck, and have a great Fall Break!