The ACS Bridge Program in part of the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) and aims to increase the diversity in chemical/physical science PhD programs. It connects undergraduate degree holders with vetted chemistry and chemical engineering departments that demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and respect.

All students or recent graduates with an interest in pursuing graduate education in the chemical sciences to apply, including those applying to graduate school through traditional routes. ACS and IGEN Bridge Program applications can be submitted HERE.

The application has no fee and will be reviewed by admissions committees who have shown a dedication to holistic admissions. All applicants will be contacted after the application portal closes in early April to confirm whether they received an offer of traditional admission to a graduate program.

This is an exceptional opportunity to support young scientists and scholars to further their education and experience through a graduate degree in the chemical/physical sciences.


ACS Bridge Program:


APS Bridge Program:


AGU Bridge Program:

            POC: Pranoti Asher or Eva Kostyu

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