AbbVie is offering a mentoring program for PhD students who are interested in gaining exposure to industry.  Each student is paired with one scientist from AbbVie.  The mentorship experience focuses primarily on business skills related to careers in industry such as writing, creating and delivering presentations to varied audiences, and preparing/advancing one's career.  The program also provides mentees with an opportunity to learn more about working in the pharmaceutical industry.  

This year's mentees include Apurva Godbole (ChBE, Kraft), Amie Lanzendorf (Organic Chemistry, Zimmerman), Joenisse Rosado-Rosa (Analytical Chemistry, Sweedler), and Victoria Kriuchkovskaia (ChBE, Harley).

AbbVie mentors include Jeff Kallemeyn (Denmark '07), Sarah Borland, Fara Lyu, and Laurie Mlinar.