HTSF Library

HTSF Library

The HTSF House library is a unique collection of ~4,700 compounds formatted as 10 mM and 1 mM stocks in DMSO. This library was created from compounds submitted to the HTSF by research labs from University of Illinois, UC and other universities around the country. One of the main benefits of this library is the possibility of collaboration with the chemistry lab that synthesized the hit. This type of collaboration can offer a ready supply of compounds and derivatives for future study.


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One of the greatest attributes of the high-throughput screening facility at University of Illinois, UC is the unique molecules being entered into the facility from the world-class chemistry being performed right on campus. In addition to the compounds donated from fine chemical companies, these compounds provide novel structures and scaffolds for screening. Synthesized compounds that were once resigned to sit on shelves collecting dust until properly disposed are now finding new uses as novel screening compounds. Through screening at the HTSF, intra- and inter-university collaborations have been fostered between chemists, who can synthesize the hit compounds and further derivatives and biologists, who can better probe the utility of the synthesized small molecules in biological systems.

Compound submission at the HTSF provides a unique opportunity to have your compound screened in numerous assays. If you wish to submit compounds, please review our compound submission guidelines.

Labs Contributing to HTSF House Library

Lab/Person University/Organization # of Compounds
Robert Coates Univ. of Illinois, UC 3182
Paul Hergenrother Univ. of Illinois, UC 902
Peter Wipf Univ. of Pittsburgh 500
Martin Burke Univ. of Illinois, UC 35
Mohammad Movassaghi MIT 20
Christina White Univ. of Illinois, UC 13
John Wolfe Univ. of Michigan 8
Bill Boulanger Obiter Research 3

If you did not see your compounds submission recorded, please contact us.