Hiring Undergraduates

To hire an undergraduate student, please send the below information to the SCS HR office (scs_hr_office@scs.illinois.edu) for processing. The employee will need to fill out the I-9 form prior to start date if they are not already an active University of Illinois U-C employee.

Information to include:

  • Name
  • UIN or NetID
  • Dates of Appointment
  • Rate of Pay**:
  • Expected number of hours per week:
  • Job Description: (1 to 2 sentences is fine)
  • Timesheet approver
  • Timesheet backup approver (if any):
  • Is this student graduating this semester or did they already graduate?

**Federal and State hourly minimum wage laws must be followed. To view a breakdown of the undergraduate salary ranges, please view the wages website for UIUC undergraduate employees.