Internships and Co-ops

Internships and Co-ops (summer and semester) provide students with a competitive advantage when seeking full-time career opportunities in industry. These programs enable students to gain up to a full year of professional work experience and to explore career paths in-depth.

  • Co-op Program – Student alternates terms of work with terms of school, working at least two semesters and one summer with the same company (approximately 12 months total)
  • Semester Intern – Student works one time period of 4-7 months with a company (spring or fall semester may be combined with a summer)
  • Summer Intern – Student works for one company during a summer (2-3 months). Students may complete multiple internships in their academic career.

More Information

For more information, please contact Patricia Simpson at (217) 333-1050 or

Check out potential Chemistry careers on the American Chemical Society website.